poositive is on a mission to remove plastic from nature

We work with verified impact projects removing plastic trash from beaches, rivers and oceans.

What do Seven Clean Seas do?

Clean the ocean and beaches

Seven Clean Seas build impact projects that

  • Remove plastic from the ocean
  • Stop plastic entering the ocean

Fight child and indentured labour

In an informal industry, all Seven Clean Seas crews

  • Are formally employed and fairly paid
  • Have safe working conditions
  • Have paid Social Security
  • Work 5 days a week and have holidays

Cleaning the Singapore Strait

Batam Island

Bintan Island

Bintan, Indonesia

1.4 million hectare Marine Protected Area

Project stats

  • Whole island activity
  • 3 Collection Crews
  • 34 Coastal Cleanup professionals

Batam, Communities

Rural & Island locations leak 49% Ocean Plastic

Project stats

  • 2 Coastal Communities
  • 3 Collection Crews
  • 44 Coastal Cleanup professionals

Batam, Rivers

70% of all ocean plastic originates from rivers

Project stats

  • 2 River Barriers
  • 1 Boat Crew
  • 13 River Cleanup professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure and report your impact?

We receive detailed impact reports from Seven Clean Seas that include the amount of plastic removed, the amount of plastic that we’ve collected on their behalf, and other relevant metrics. This transparency ensures there is no green-washing or exploitation of cheap labour!

How do you remove plastic from the ocean? And from where?

We have partnered with the incredible team at Seven Clean Seas, an ocean clean-up organisation based in Bali, to remove marine plastic from coastlines, mangroves, rivers and nearshore areas in Bintan, Indonesia. They have committed to recovering over 10 million kilos of marine debris by 2025 from some of the most polluted areas globally! Seven Clean Seas formally employs waste pickers in Indonesia, so they can provide full transparency on where the plastic waste is collected, deposited and who collected it! Seven Clean Seas helps clean the environment and support the local community at the same time. It’s a win-win sea-tuation.

What happens to the plastic you remove from the ocean?

Once the plastic is collected from beaches and waterways, the Seven Clean Seas team takes it back to their MRF (Material Recycling Facility) to sort and separate. Only a small percentage (~5%) of the total plastic collected is recyclable and are donated to the local informal sector. The remainder has to be treated in a government-owned and managed landfill to permanently ensure it remains out of the environment. This end-of-life solution has been successfully third party audited by Control Union against the Zero Plastic Oceans certification, to ensure it remains permanently out of the environment. Additionally, Seven Clean Seas are investing in material research and development to find upcycling solutions for the non-recyclable material so that one day, they can achieve zero waste to landfill!

When you say “this product removes a pound of plastic from nature”, what does that mean?

For every Poositive box sold, we fund the removal of a pound of plastic from marine environments. So, it could be plastic bottles, straws, discarded fishing line or any other plastic polluting our nature.

Who is Seven Clean Seas?

Seven Clean Seas are an organisation in love with the ocean focussing on implementing plastic removal projects tackling environmental and social issues. Seven Clean Seas' goal is to remove 10,000,000 kilos of plastic –the weight of the Eiffel Tower– from the ocean and to hire 200 formal workers by 2025. They partner with businesses and individuals to co-create sustainability initiatives and targets.

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